About Indus Powers

Indus Powers is a leading provider of UPS, Inverter, Battery, Solar Systems, and Stabilizer solutions.

Our product range includes Home inverters, Inverter batteries, Digital UPS, Static UPS, Online UPS, Lift inverters, Voltage stabilizers, and solar batteries. We are dedicated to provide reliable power backup solutions in Dombivli, Ambernath, Badlapur, Karjat, Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Taloja MIDC, Thane, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai.

In the competitive world of business, the key to success lies in not only offering quality products but also providing exceptional service that leaves a lasting impression on customers. At Indus Powers, we understand the significance of excellence, and it is at the core of our values.

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Our Products

Home Inverters

We specialize in providing dependable and effective Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS systems in India that are specifically designed for residential use. Let us explore the advantages of our UPS power backup for homes, our stringent quality control process, and the robust after-sales support and warranty that we offer.

Home / Office UPS

We take pride in offering reliable online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for homes and offices. With advanced technology, user-friendly interfaces, and scalability, our UPS systems ensure a seamless power supply during outages.


Indus Powers’ range of Lead Acid batteries further strengthens the UPS setup, ensuring a seamless power backup experience. With cost-effective and high-quality inverter batteries, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring they stay powered up round-the-clock.

Voltage Stabilizer

When it comes to protecting your valuable electrical and electronic devices from voltage fluctuations, Indus Powers is the name you can trust. Our Voltage Stabilizer solutions are designed with precision and care to ensure stable and consistent power supply for your home, office, or industrial requirements.

Solar System Solutions

At Indus Powers, we are committed to providing comprehensive solar system solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and industries to transition to clean and renewable energy. Whether you choose our Solar On-Grid systems, Solar Off-Grid systems, Solar Water Heaters, or Solar Batteries, you can count on superior quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Lift UPS

Indus Powers’ Lift UPS systems offer a reliable and efficient solution for elevators and lifts. With customized solutions, intelligent features, and 24/7 technical support, we are committed to providing top-notch elevator power solutions for buildings of all sizes and types. Elevate efficiency and safety with our Lift UPS systems and experience the difference in uninterrupted vertical transportation.

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